Bio Vio Aimone Vermentino 2014

Certified Biological since 1999, the Bio Vio winery in Liguria produces a Vermentino unlike those from Sardinia: firm acid, lithe texture, stone fruits, aromatic herbs typical of Liguria and a nice saline minerality.



BIO VIO is an unspoken legend in the small, impressive and magical Northern seaside region of Liguria. A land often struck by landslides, low yields, missed vintages and tough labor. Liguria is a Sommelier favorite and one of Italy's best kept secrets. Overall the region has very low production volumes, due to the extremely steep and impossible terrain. Everything is done by hand, everything is extremely old-school farming. The family run winery of BIO VIO is located in the town of Albenga, known as the "jewel wine village" of this region and producing the best quality grapes. Amongst the first if not the first to produce wine here through biological organic agriculture (hence the name...), Aimone Giobatta Vio tends to the 30+ year old vines and minimal intervention winemaking with the help of his 2 daughters. The winery produces the 3 classical and traditional Ligurian varietal wines : VERMENTINO, PIGATO and the rare red gem ROSSESE. The Bio Vio VERMENTINO is a superbly classic example of the quintessential Ligurian white wine. Absolutely stunning with seafood and geared towards that tradition, this varietal in this terroir tends to pick up the classic aromatic herb component that makes Liguria famous in the wine world. Notes of fresh oregano, basil and dill are common, as well as that trademark "sapidity" (saltiness) that results from the proximity of the sea and the sea spray in the vineyards. This classic Vermentino is produced from vines at an average age of 30-40 and is 100% stainless steel, fermented using only native yeasts and organic viticultural practices. Limited amounts are produced each year.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Farming Standard biodynamic
Winemaker Giobatta Vio
Producer Bio Vio
Alcohol 13.00
ml 750
Residual Sugar (g/L) 2.30
Acidity (g/l) 5.10
Closure Cork
Cellar Potential Drink young but will keep a good 3-5 years.
Grape Variety 100% - Vermentino
Body medium
Sweetness dry
region Liguria



Liguria is a coastal region of northwest Italy, a narrow strip of land whose capital is the city of Genoa. There are some 6000 hectares of land under vines, only a fraction of which produces wines with DOC status, or wines that aspire to more than local recognition. Most of the commercial production is seated along the Ponente coast in the southwest.

Rossese di Dolceacqua, with its soft fruit and appealing texture, remains the most popular of the wines, although Pigato and Vermentino are now yielding whites worthy of notice. Liguria's DOC zones are Cinqueterre, Colli di Luni (which borders upon Tuscany), Riviere Ligure di Ponente, Pornassio, Rossese di Dolceacqua.


Riviere Ligure di Ponente

This DOC describes a coastal region in Liguria, partly on the Italian Riviera, which runs westward from Genoa almost all the way to the French border.

Here wine growing finds itself almost exclusively in the dedicated hands of small growers as there's not enough plain or plateau to encourage large-scale farming, and the vines receive full reign to explore their affinity for rugged hillsides. Pigato, Vermentino and Ormeasco are the best-known varieties producing the finest bottlings.

These, along with the Rossese di Albenga are grown in three sub-zones: Albenga, Finale and Riviera dei Fiori. When the wine bears a varietal name, it will contain 95% of the named variety, with the balance coming from other local types.

Ormeasco has a tall tale to tell, since it was once known as Dolcetto. And though initially emigrating centuries ago from Piedmont, it has evolved its distinct flavor profile here down on the coast.

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