• Birth of a Zalto - How Glass Perfection is Made

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    Oh, and we have the Gravitas Omega, too.

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    Wine orders ship out of our warehouse in Napa, California.
    Approximate Transit Times via Ground Service:
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  • Never Confuse a Winemonger with a Beermonger

    The Zalto Beer Glass

    Ok- so we're Winemongers. We import some pretty amazing wines from a lot of cool places and present them not only to you here on our website, but also get them onto the wine lists of some of America's best restaurants and the shelves of some of your favorite brick-and-mortar wine shops. We are also the importer of the Austrian Zalto line of stemware, which includes not only the very best wine glasses on the market, but also a glass for beer. Ale. Pilsner. IPA. Lager. Stout. Marzen. Weissbier. Blonde Ale. Doppelbock.

    Those last 7 terms are exactly what got us into trouble when we wrote up why the Zalto beer glass is the best beer glass on the planet. The fact is- we pretty much didn't know our Baltic Porter from our Dunkelweizen, and basically said that the glass was just great for ALL beers. Now, if somebody came up to us and said "Check it out! This wine glass is the very best wine glass for dessert wines, Chardonnays AND Shiraz"-- well, we'd probably politely point out that that just really couldn't be the case. Which is what happened to us. A true Beermonger, one Mr. Hugh Crozier, read our description for the Zalto beer glass, and let us know the error of our ways (note: he is totally fine with us sharing here what he had to say, as well as some photos he took):

    Hugh Does it Right

    I posted a link to your page on twitter and as a result you have incurred the WRATH of antipodean beer-geeks!!
    I've just been gifted a pair, so am quite looking fwd to trying them, and the link was more for ppl to see the glasses ...but it was the accompanying text that drew fire:

    looks good although the following is an epic fail "This is truly the first glass designed specifically for your favorite ales, pilsners and the like" Firstly NO this is not a first. And secondly saying you have designed a glass for "Ales Pilsners and the like" is like saying you've designed one for 'Chardonnays, Merlots and well you know, wine'. Sigh.

    Which is a fair point- I'm sure if someone came to you looking for a riesling glass, you'd not suggest the Zalto Burg, nor a flute for Blaufrankisch (hopefully?) and similarly, so to those who may in fact be in the market for a high end glass to accompany high end beers, it appears horribly inept to lump 'beer' together. I do note that the Zalto site is quite specific in recommending the beer glasses for Pilsen and Marzen styles, it may be a consideration to alter the product description for the sake of people who differentiate and comprehend beer styles. Unless of course Bud drinkers are your market, in which case it doesn't matter what proper geeks think..

    We very quickly thanked Hugh for showing us the light, and just as quickly changed the description about the glass. We then asked him if he had any other thoughts or advice about the beer stem, and here's what he shared with us:

    Well, Emily, they've joined the plethora of other glasses I have, and are a worthy addition indeed!

    It's All About the Nose

    They are a funny kind of a thing, as the natural tendency with beer is to pour the whole bottle into the glass, which fills a Zalto (for a 330ml bottle) to about a 1/2 inch from the lip, eliminating any air volume in the vessel that might accumulate aromas, which is kind of the point with high-end glassware... doing so also feels awfully dangerous given how delicate it is, and it was pretty nerve-wracking the first couple of times; holding the base and putting faith in the one-piece design not to snap when tipping the full glass to ones lips, but the bowl and stem are still attached, and in fact the balance seems pretty spot on throughout the drinking experience.
    Once there's enough room to get your nose in, and ideally it's only about 1/4 full, I found their strength was in highlighting the malt characteristics of any beer I put in them- though that's only five or six at this point. Given this ability, and their similarity design-wise to other lager glasses I have, I can understand why the recommendation is for lager styles such as Pilsner and Marzen which are more malt-driven beer styles than modern pale ales which tend to be about hops, hops, and more hops. Interestingly, one beer that it really highlighted quite nicely was the Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta pale ale, which is an unusual brew in that instead of dry-hopping, Earl Grey tealeaves were added after the ferment, giving quite a heady nose with unmistakable Bergamot aroma alongside a smaller hit of hops. Good fun, if you're able to get your hands on any (Yeastie Boys do export to the US with some regularity) I can highly recommend trying it!

    Now I have to admit that, as of his last email, Hugh was not sure that these were yet his favorite beer stem.... but I'm hoping that by now, with more time spent using them, they are. Hugh?

    If you'd like to follow the exploits of Hugh on twitter, you can find him here:

  • Champagne Survival Kits

    Fans of Zalto wine stems know that these glasses are never discounted, and we are not about to break with this company policy either. Those that do put them on sale will never get to sell them again.

    Zalto Champagne GlassZalto Champagne Stem

    Today we are making a small amount of Zalto Champagne sets of 4 and 6 glasses available in a wine value pack that essentially gives you a bottle of the stunning Marie-Courtin Resonance Champagne (93WA) at no extra cost (2 bottles if you opt for the 6 glass deal). So technically, it’s the incredible bottle of Champagne that’s on sale, because as we said, Zalto wine glasses are never discounted.

    While the virtues of Zalto glasses almost need no introduction (search the blogs and chat boards my friends), here’s a quick primer: these are hand-made (mouth-blown), feather light yet remarkably durable, dishwasher safe and lead-free. They have set a new bar in the top end category for wine glasses and are many wine enthusiasts’ most coveted treasures. Why else would Chef Sommelier Aldo Sohm (Worlds Best Sommelier 2008 & right hand man to Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin) put his name behind the brand? Why would Francois Mauss, President of the Grand Jury European, allow himself to be quoted as saying “I didn’t think there would be anything better on the glass market- this glass is.”

    Marie Courtin ChampagneMarie-Courtin Champagne

    And the Marie-Courtin Resonance Champagne? This is the kind of small production wine that you might not have had a chance to try. Our friends at Joli Vin Imports have made these bottles available to us and were kind enough to keep their promise even after the 93 point write up by Robert Parker that made this wine an immediate sell-out.

    But as for the number of Zalto glasses we have made available for this offer, amounts are limited and orders will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.

    Perhaps Pamela Anderson put it best when asked how she planned to celebrate one of her marriages: “I’ve got two words for you- CHAM PAGNE!” Joking. We all know it was Tom Waits with true wisdom on the subject: “Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.” (no, we don’t care if somebody else may or may not have originated that quote.) Get your Zaltos and your Champers on.

    4 GLASSES + 1 BOTTLE: $297.99 SALE PRICE: $244.50
    6 GLASSES + 2 BOTTLES: $476.98 SALE PRICE $338.50

  • INAUGURATION SPECIAL: Zalto Champagne Glasses 20% Off 2 DAYS ONLY

    Inauguration Special: 20% Off Zalto Champagne Glasses

    Get Ready To HAIL THE NEW CHIEF!

    We admit it. We're ready to celebrate. Corks will definitely be popping on January 20th, and we want to share the joy as well as the finest way to enjoy your sparkling wine.

    So, for 2 DAYS ONLY, Tuesday, January 13th and Wednesday, January 14th, we're offering 20% OFF all purchases (single glasses or sets of six) of Zalto Denk'Art Champagne Glasses.

    This glass truly does elevate your wine to another level, revealing the hidden structure and noble appearance of any bubbly it holds. It also highlights the minerality and racy layers in the wine, all while being ridiculously light, ridiculously thin (every glass is mouth-blown), lead-free and dishwasher safe.

    This is only the second time we have offered special pricing on the Zalto Glassware since we started importing them. If you've been hesitating, now is the time to try.

    And, as always, ALL ZALTO GLASSWARE ORDERS SHIP FREE (Champagne or otherwise)


    [ wine img ]

    Zalto Denk'Art Champagne Glass

    "I didn’t think that there would be anything better on the glass market…this glass is."
    -Francois Mauss, president of the Grand Jury European

    "It is so light and thin to hold and just gives the wine that extra oomph of character on the palate. If the wine is light and elegant, it gives it an extra dimension of finesse. If the wine is powerful and rich, it gives it some extra meat. If the wine is fresh and fruity, it adds in some fluffy brightness...This glass shows the best on the palate than any other glass I have come across and when you take all aspects of the wine into account, it is my favorite, period." -Brad Baker, Gang of Pour


    Yes we can,


  • Zalto Wine Glasses - Superior Stemware


    Winemonger is proud to import and introduce the incredible line of Zalto wine glasses to the US market. Feather light, and yet dishwasher safe. Hand-made and mouth-blown, and yet lead-free. One might even call the Zalto stemware line "green" - but most are calling the Zalto glasses the finest available on the market, period. Read about the history of the Zalto Glasmanufakture Glasshutte, the use of the Earth's tilt angles, and the Austrian wine priest, Father Hans Denk, which all come together in these form-meet-function wine glasses.

    I didn't think that there would be anything better on the glass market, this glass is.
    -Francois Mauss, president of the Grand Jury European.


    Father Hans Denk - Wine Priest

    The Zalto Denk'Art Glasses were named for Father Hans Denk, the Austrian wine priest who has spent decades in the study and tasting of wines, and who is one of the most valued wine experts in Austria. Father Denk guided the glassmakers in the design of each bowl to elicite the best qualities for the type or style of wine it is meant for.

    The extraordinary design of the Zalto glasses is then matched with perfectly executed balance and craftsmanship, and places Zalto glassware at that rare point where form meets function in complete harmony.

    The complete line of Zalto Glasses includes the Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, White Wine, Universal, Sweet Wine and Water glasses.

    All of the Zalto glasses are lead free.


    Zalto Glass Mold

    It is so light and thin to hold and just gives the wine that extra oomph of character on the palate. If the wine is light and elegant, it gives it an extra dimension of finesse. If the wine is powerful and rich, it gives it some extra meat. If the wine is fresh and fruity, it adds in some fluffy brightness. This glass shows the best on the palate than any other glass I have come across and when you take all aspects of the wine into account, it is my favorite, period.
    -Brad Baker, Gang of Pour

    Using only the highest quality raw materials and employing only the most skilled glassblowers in the region, each and every Zalto glass is hand-crafted and mouth-blown. This assures the technical perfect that is the basic guiding principle of the Zalto Glass House, and results in a glass that can stand beside those of the greatest glass artists of Venice.

    At first glance, a Zalto glass seems nearly too delicate to hold, and yet it is actually quite durable due to advanced techniques and design. The glass is one piece from bowl to stem, with the base then attached. This differs from other glasses where the bowl is attached to the top of the stem, creating a weakness at that point. This, in conjunction with another element of the design, means that if the glass tips over it lands on its strongest point- the curve of the bowl- and rarely breaks.


    The Zalto Glassutte

    The Zalto stemware line is produced by the Zalto Glasshutte in the town of Neunagelberg in Lower Austria, where the art of glass blowing goes back to the early 14th century.

    The roots of the Zalto family, six generations now in this region, reach back to the famous glass artisans of Venice.

    Their pursuit of perfection has continually raised the bar in the level of Austrian crystal work: a quality that has been recognized the world over for decades if not hundreds of years.


    Zalto and the Earth's Tilt Angles

    Every aspect in the design of the Zalto line has been made in the pursuit of creating the finest wine glass available. The curve of the bowl of each glass in the Zalto Denk'Art line are tilted at 24, 48 and 72 degrees, which correspond to the tilt angles of the Earth. As the ancient Romans knew, this triumvirate of angles, when used in vessels for food and drink, not only kept its contents fresher, but also improved the taste.

    Further, the width of the bowl at the point of the curve is such that it allows for the greatest amount of surface space desired for the type of wine it is intended. A good swirl can be given at that point, and the shape then funnels the bouquet to the nose.

    That the glass is lighter, thinner and more elegant in appearance is more than just an aesthetic ideal. It is that the lip of the glass is so thin that the wine is delivered better to the palate. The glass itself doesn't stand in the way of the taste of the wine. If you can imagine trying to sip a fine wine from a hefty beer mug, you can understand why this is so.


    How To Care For Your Zalto

    We recently discovered Zalto Denk'Art glassware from Austria, whose elegant, eye-catching design first piqued our interest and whose dishwasher-safe performance won us over. These glasses allow us to swirl and view appealing whites and inhale the bold aromas of reds. If we use them every weekday for a year, we'll have upgraded every sip of wine we drink for just a few dimes a day.
    -Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, The Washington Post, January 2, 2008

    Dishwasher safe. In fact, dishwasher safer. Hand washing the glasses can actually be more risky as pressure from within the glass has a greater chance of causing breakage.

    The glasses are resistant to clouding and scratching and in tests have remained crystal clear for over a hundred passes through the dishwasher.

    In this way, you can feel free to use your Zalto glasses as your "everyday" glass as well as the glass for your best occasions.

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