• La Quatrième Rosé

    St. Valentin, France

    I am going to give it to the French. Not the battle of the rosés, but rather that they do have a bit of a reputation for romance, and this did begin as an ode to Valentine's Day. So they've got that. They also have the sparking wine thing kind of nailed down, with the whole Champagne and all of that. So here, the fourth and last entry in our War of the Roses, the Chapuy Tradition Brut Rosé. And let's just leave it at that.

    The wine, as described by Wine Spectator when they handed it 91 points:"A spicy thread winds through the flavors of plum brandy, white cherry, bread dough and raw almond in this rosé, fleshed out by a hint of ripe watermelon. An open-knit and fresh Champagne, this has a lively bead and a juicy finish. Drink now through 2017." Don't wait until 2017. Just go ahead and drink now.

  • The Third Man - Austria Enters the Battle


    With two rosés from Austria entering the battle, thus making them the second and third, how could we not think of The Third Man? The famous scene where Harry Lime and Holly Martins ride the Riesenrad (that's the big ferris wheel in the picture to the right) on the Prater in Vienna, talking about taking out all the dots (aka people) down below... pretty cold stuff. These two Austrian rosés may take down their competitors just as coldly.

    A side thought about the Riesenrad, since we are rolling up on Valentines Day: You can rent one of the cars (they are actually more like little cabins) and have a sunset dinner. So romantic, and actually some wonderful views of Vienna. And the dinner will be especially great if you are drinking either the Umathum Rosa or the Alphart Rosé.


    The Umathum Rosa: From biodynamic producer Josef "Pepi" Umathum comes this cuvee from the three most important red wine grapes of Austria: Blaufrankisch, St.Laurent and Zweigelt. We love the spice that the Zweigelt lends balanced with the elegance of the St.Laurent, all hanging on the perfect backbone of Blaufrakisch.

    The Alphart Rosé : A very pure style, one that loses some of the aggressive edge that St Laurent can sometimes show, and tends toward the Pinot Noir end of the St Laurent's varietal spectrum (it is a spontaneous crossing of an unknown grape with Pinot Noir.) Crafted in stainless steel, the wine remains light, vivacious and elegant. One tends to forget to mention the Thermenregion when the subject of red wines comes up, but in Austria Alphart enjoys an excellent reputation for his Pinot Noir, and this wine certainly accentuates St Laurent's ties to the Pinot family.

    Saint Valentin is ready for battle. Which rose will he choose? Both are on sale thru 2/14/15...

  • The War of the Roses

    The War Of The Roses

    Bring it on. A quick bit of history first: Rather than being just one war, these were dynastic battles fought sporadically from about 1455 to 1487 between two rival branches in the royal House of Plantagenet, so should really be referred to as the Wars of the Roses. The name refers to the badges of the rivals: the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster. All the big names were involved-  you've got your Henry's and your Richard's, and it wraps up when a Henry kills a Richard, then marries an Elizabeth, the daughter of an Edward, which actually then unites the two houses and ushers in the "Golden Age" of Elizabeth.

    What does this have to do with wine? Absolutely nothing. But with Valentines Day around the corner, ones thoughts do tend to turn to roses. We don't sell roses. We sell rosés. So we are inviting you to skip the flowers and have yourself a V-Day Rosé Smackdown.

    4 rosé wines from 3 different countries in 2 different styles (still and sparkling.) Add in discounts that range from 10% on up to 30% off and you can afford all the ammunition you need. We'll be posting more information about the history and qualities of each of these contenders, but you can preview (and buy) all four of them right here right now.

    So, are you a Lancaster or are you a York? Let's tear down this House of Plantagenet.

  • San Francisco: Drink a Glass of Bubbly at the Balboa Cafe to Help a Village in Haiti

  • Are You Really a Giants Fan? Meet Vogelsang

    Vogelsang the Wine

    While it might not be spelled EXACTLY the same, our theory is that the "a" turned into an "o" when the Vogelsongs arrived in America- also because one pronounces this wine the same way as the last name of the epic Giants pitcher. We also think the font is not unlike that of the Giants logo AND it's pretty October-ish in general.
    Oh- and foil capsule on the bottle is even orange. It's as if winemaker Michael Wenzel knew we'd want this wine this week...

    A little bit more about Ryan Vogelsong:
    Ryan Andrew Vogelsong (born July 22, 1977) is a Major League Baseball pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. In addition to an earlier stint with the Giants (2000–2001), he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (2001–2006), and for the Nippon Professional Baseball League's Hanshin Tigers (2007–2008) and Orix Buffaloes (2009).
    His career was revitalized as he established himself as a dominant force in the fifth spot in the Giants 2011 rotation after Barry Zito got hurt. He made the 2011 All-Star team, and in 2012 posted a streak of 16 consecutive quality starts, allowing 3 runs or less in at least 6 innings each game.

    A little bit more about the wine:
    Vogelsang is a single vineyard in the Neusiedlersee Huegelland town of Rust, a mildly climbing hillside with southeast exposure. The light and stony soil, on a bed of slate and granite/gneiss shows itself of primary importance in giving the Furmint an extra bit of aromatic depth and much finesse. The characteristically smoky tone of the variety exhibits wonderfully pearsy notes spiced with lime-zest. There’s no wood-tones evident, but the creamy texture of the wine suggests that it benefited from studious months spent in old wood. Shows the great concentration of many 08ers, without some of the green tannins that the red wines occasionally carry.

    NOW BUY IT HERE (click me)
    Ignore the picture on the buy page- what you'll get is what you see here

  • Champagne Survival Kits

    Fans of Zalto wine stems know that these glasses are never discounted, and we are not about to break with this company policy either. Those that do put them on sale will never get to sell them again.

    Zalto Champagne GlassZalto Champagne Stem

    Today we are making a small amount of Zalto Champagne sets of 4 and 6 glasses available in a wine value pack that essentially gives you a bottle of the stunning Marie-Courtin Resonance Champagne (93WA) at no extra cost (2 bottles if you opt for the 6 glass deal). So technically, it’s the incredible bottle of Champagne that’s on sale, because as we said, Zalto wine glasses are never discounted.

    While the virtues of Zalto glasses almost need no introduction (search the blogs and chat boards my friends), here’s a quick primer: these are hand-made (mouth-blown), feather light yet remarkably durable, dishwasher safe and lead-free. They have set a new bar in the top end category for wine glasses and are many wine enthusiasts’ most coveted treasures. Why else would Chef Sommelier Aldo Sohm (Worlds Best Sommelier 2008 & right hand man to Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin) put his name behind the brand? Why would Francois Mauss, President of the Grand Jury European, allow himself to be quoted as saying “I didn’t think there would be anything better on the glass market- this glass is.”

    Marie Courtin ChampagneMarie-Courtin Champagne

    And the Marie-Courtin Resonance Champagne? This is the kind of small production wine that you might not have had a chance to try. Our friends at Joli Vin Imports have made these bottles available to us and were kind enough to keep their promise even after the 93 point write up by Robert Parker that made this wine an immediate sell-out.

    But as for the number of Zalto glasses we have made available for this offer, amounts are limited and orders will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.

    Perhaps Pamela Anderson put it best when asked how she planned to celebrate one of her marriages: “I’ve got two words for you- CHAM PAGNE!” Joking. We all know it was Tom Waits with true wisdom on the subject: “Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.” (no, we don’t care if somebody else may or may not have originated that quote.) Get your Zaltos and your Champers on.

    4 GLASSES + 1 BOTTLE: $297.99 SALE PRICE: $244.50
    6 GLASSES + 2 BOTTLES: $476.98 SALE PRICE $338.50

  • Winemaker Lunch at 3 Square Cafe on Sunday May 1st

    Join us for a special winemaker lunch with Michael Malat at 3 Square Cafe in Venice on Sunday May 1st from 12-2PM.

    $22 gets you a seat at the table, lunch by the epic chef Wolfgang Gussmack, as well as a glass of Malat's wine. Casual. Easy. A great way to spend part of your Sunday.

    Call the restaurant directly to reserve your seat! 310-399-6504

    About the Winemaker:
    The Malat family yield very mineral-toned and vibrant Riesling along with precisely articulated peppery Grüner Veltliner grown in deeper loess—these wines bring off being a bit modern without rejecting the roots that grew them.

  • Winemonger wines at the original Wine of the Month Club

    Wine of the Month ClubAs Featured by Wine of the Month Club, you can now find some of our Italian imports at the Wine of the Month Club wine store.

    Don't miss this chance to pick up some of our best wines at prices that only a larger club sale will allow for and pick up Fattoria San Francesco's Ciro or the Greco at serious discounts.

  • Recession Wine Clearance


    Check back often for future clearance sales!

  • INAUGURATION SPECIAL: Zalto Champagne Glasses 20% Off 2 DAYS ONLY

    Inauguration Special: 20% Off Zalto Champagne Glasses

    Get Ready To HAIL THE NEW CHIEF!

    We admit it. We're ready to celebrate. Corks will definitely be popping on January 20th, and we want to share the joy as well as the finest way to enjoy your sparkling wine.

    So, for 2 DAYS ONLY, Tuesday, January 13th and Wednesday, January 14th, we're offering 20% OFF all purchases (single glasses or sets of six) of Zalto Denk'Art Champagne Glasses.

    This glass truly does elevate your wine to another level, revealing the hidden structure and noble appearance of any bubbly it holds. It also highlights the minerality and racy layers in the wine, all while being ridiculously light, ridiculously thin (every glass is mouth-blown), lead-free and dishwasher safe.

    This is only the second time we have offered special pricing on the Zalto Glassware since we started importing them. If you've been hesitating, now is the time to try.

    And, as always, ALL ZALTO GLASSWARE ORDERS SHIP FREE (Champagne or otherwise)


    [ wine img ]

    Zalto Denk'Art Champagne Glass

    "I didn’t think that there would be anything better on the glass market…this glass is."
    -Francois Mauss, president of the Grand Jury European

    "It is so light and thin to hold and just gives the wine that extra oomph of character on the palate. If the wine is light and elegant, it gives it an extra dimension of finesse. If the wine is powerful and rich, it gives it some extra meat. If the wine is fresh and fruity, it adds in some fluffy brightness...This glass shows the best on the palate than any other glass I have come across and when you take all aspects of the wine into account, it is my favorite, period." -Brad Baker, Gang of Pour


    Yes we can,


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