The Third Man - Austria Enters the Battle


With two rosés from Austria entering the battle, thus making them the second and third, how could we not think of The Third Man? The famous scene where Harry Lime and Holly Martins ride the Riesenrad (that's the big ferris wheel in the picture to the right) on the Prater in Vienna, talking about taking out all the dots (aka people) down below... pretty cold stuff. These two Austrian rosés may take down their competitors just as coldly.

A side thought about the Riesenrad, since we are rolling up on Valentines Day: You can rent one of the cars (they are actually more like little cabins) and have a sunset dinner. So romantic, and actually some wonderful views of Vienna. And the dinner will be especially great if you are drinking either the Umathum Rosa or the Alphart Rosé.


The Umathum Rosa: From biodynamic producer Josef "Pepi" Umathum comes this cuvee from the three most important red wine grapes of Austria: Blaufrankisch, St.Laurent and Zweigelt. We love the spice that the Zweigelt lends balanced with the elegance of the St.Laurent, all hanging on the perfect backbone of Blaufrakisch.

The Alphart Rosé : A very pure style, one that loses some of the aggressive edge that St Laurent can sometimes show, and tends toward the Pinot Noir end of the St Laurent's varietal spectrum (it is a spontaneous crossing of an unknown grape with Pinot Noir.) Crafted in stainless steel, the wine remains light, vivacious and elegant. One tends to forget to mention the Thermenregion when the subject of red wines comes up, but in Austria Alphart enjoys an excellent reputation for his Pinot Noir, and this wine certainly accentuates St Laurent's ties to the Pinot family.

Saint Valentin is ready for battle. Which rose will he choose? Both are on sale thru 2/14/15...