The War of the Roses

The War Of The Roses

Bring it on. A quick bit of history first: Rather than being just one war, these were dynastic battles fought sporadically from about 1455 to 1487 between two rival branches in the royal House of Plantagenet, so should really be referred to as the Wars of the Roses. The name refers to the badges of the rivals: the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster. All the big names were involved-  you've got your Henry's and your Richard's, and it wraps up when a Henry kills a Richard, then marries an Elizabeth, the daughter of an Edward, which actually then unites the two houses and ushers in the "Golden Age" of Elizabeth.

What does this have to do with wine? Absolutely nothing. But with Valentines Day around the corner, ones thoughts do tend to turn to roses. We don't sell roses. We sell rosés. So we are inviting you to skip the flowers and have yourself a V-Day Rosé Smackdown.

4 rosé wines from 3 different countries in 2 different styles (still and sparkling.) Add in discounts that range from 10% on up to 30% off and you can afford all the ammunition you need. We'll be posting more information about the history and qualities of each of these contenders, but you can preview (and buy) all four of them right here right now.

So, are you a Lancaster or are you a York? Let's tear down this House of Plantagenet.

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