Alto Adige

Once Sudtirol (...and still labelled as such) Alto Adige is Italy's German-Italian region and fully bilingual. Located right on the border with Austria in the breathtaking Dolomite Alps, the wines are produced in 52 of the 116 communities of the province. Here, winegrowing frequently shares the farmer's attention with tourism, since most of the growers have less than a single hectare under vines. For this reason, the 16 growers' co-ops are essential to the region's production, bottling some 70% of the total production under their supervision. Most vineyards are laid-out at elevations between 200 and 900 meters above sea level on super-steep mountainside plots. Important white varieties are Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco (Weissburgunder), while Pinot Nero (Blauburgunder) shares the stage with the fascinating and indigenous Lagrein (3-4% of the total regional production). A terroir driven by a sub-Alpine climate, great temperature excursions and great sun exposure, coupled with intensely mineral soils made up of granite, porphyritic rock and dolomitic limestone, results in wines of firm acidity, bright fruit, "liquid rock" minerality and a finesse, elegance and aromatic intensity which is signature of wines from this Italian region.

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