Boca DOC

Boca: a little known DOC dating from around 1970, home to a few wine producers in the Piemontaise province of Navara. The primary grape variety is of course Nebbiolo, with permitted admixtures of Bonarda (Uva Rar) and Vespolina. Nebbiolo, here known as Spanna, historically had to make up 45% -70% of the blend. Now it’s closer to 90%. The wine must be aged 36 months before release, two thirds of this in cask. The wines have been highly priced by aficionadi for centuries, thanks to their combination of accessibility and longevity. The zone's 15 hectares includes the eponymous Boca sub-region, as well as Grignasco, Maggiora, Cavallirio, and Prato Sesia on the left bank of the Sesia River in the province of Novara.