Deboutbertin GoGo Gadget aux bulles 2018

$ 44.50

Wine growers since 2012, our 10 hectares farm is composed by vines, meadows and hedgerows following the organic agriculture specifications. Located between Faye d'Anjou and Beaulieu sur Layon, we work on 7 vines plots with 4 different varieties. The 7 vine plots vary in size, age, way of management vines ranging from 25 to 90 years old, some with trellising and some without. Deboutbertin likes old vines (more than 45 years), because they are generally from old selection with fewer ills and less vigor. And they have a preference for little vines plots in “gobelet” management, meaning without trellising. All vineyard work (pruning, disbudding, trimming…) are by hand, excepting plowing which is carried out by Anatole, our Percheron horse. Harvest is by hand, with only clean grapes into the press. Slow vertical pressing, indigenous yeast for fermentation, and the juices are moved by gravity. Without intervention, the wines spend 12 months with on their lees, and are then bottled without filtration or addition of any sulfites. White grapes go directly to the press and the juice goes to barrel. The wines are only from the grapes' juices (ie, no additives are used in any way from the vines to the bottle). For red grapes, whole clusters are pressed by foot in a maceration vat. Depending on the year, the maceration is between 8 and 15 days in open top tanks, with a little daily hand pressing.