Winter Riesling Liter 2018

$ 16.20

A dry, full-flavored Riesling with a superb long finish and tasty earthy fruitiness. Rheinhessen wines at their best show soil rather than, say, the minerality that Mosels show. Here you get lovely fruit, good texture and a clean, snappy earthiness that is quite unique. Remarkable density for a ‘liter’ wine. Stefan Winter is part of a group (Message in a Bottle - they use the English) of ambitious young wine makers determined to bring back the long ago quality of Rheinhessen wines. We tend to think of the Rheinhessen as the little strip along the Rhein, called the Rheinterrassen, which focuses on Nackenheim and Nierstein, and the large amorphous rolling hills behind, which used to be "liebfraumilschland", producers of bland, cheap, sweetish wine. But Winter and friends are out to prove that the once noble reputation of the Rheinhessen - 200 years ago and more - could return. Winter is one of the leading lights of this group. Producing mostly dry white wines, they tend to be fruity, spicy and full bodied. Now member of the VDP, the most prestigious wine organization in Germany, they produce wine in 3 levels: Estate wines, Specific Place wines and Top wines (Grosses Gewächs). Our liter is actually a 4th level, a simple, clean, dazzlingly fruity but dry Riesling with a good finish and length. This is the kind of wine that should be in the fridge all the time, maybe standing next to the Etz or Pollerhof Grüner Veltliner liters.