Friulano / Sauvignon Vert is a late budding vine with high sensitivity downy mildew and oidium. The vine is prone to producing yield which must be controlled in order to make premium quality wine. With Friulano the quality of the wine depend greatly on the grapes being harvested at the right point. If picked too early the resulting wine will be dull and lack any varietal character. The grape also has the potential for very high levels of alcohol with 14.5% ABV not being uncommon. The wine made from Friulano varies depending on the area it is produced. In the Friuli region, Friuilano and in Goriska Brda region, "Jakot" wine is typically full bodied with moderate acidity, floral aromas and delicate fruit flavors. In Chile, Friulano typically starts with aromas of green apples in its youth that fade as it ages and is more medium bodied.