Literally, "the emperor's seat..." although it might be reasonably suggested that "seat of the sun" is an equally appropriate name for the region.
There is no other winegrowing district in Germany that receives so many hours of sunshine on an annual basis. A sort of a volcanic island, located between the Black Forest and the Vogesen (better known by their French name, the Vosges), the Kaiserstuhl is awash in a terrific sea of grapevines.
Not that large, some 10 miles in length and 8 miles wide, the region is home to the Pinot family--Spaetburgunder, Grauburgunder and Weissburgunder thrive in the sunshine, and carry the distinctive savory spice of the volcanic soils. It is interminably irritating to read the German PR-infos about "Burgundian Spaetburgunder from the Kaiserstuhl"--if the Cote d'Or had weather this fine, the winegrowers would not need to resort to sunshine-in-a-sack as often as they inevitably do!