The 'Langhe' is a South wine producing district of the Italian region of Piemonte, located in the North West of the country bordering France and Switzerland. Although not the most historical, today it is considered the most famous and significant wine area of the region, thanks in large part to the reputation built by wines such as Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG, considered the "king" and "queen" of Northern Italian wine.

The district produces a huge array of wines that span from everyday approachable Dolcetto, to the medium body and versatile Barbera and ending with the noble, complex and long aging Nebbiolo based wines that will carry the name of the village where they originated (Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero...).

Besides these 3 we also find a production of white wines with the Arneis grape, some Chardonnay and international varietals such as Merlot. The focus is on mono-varietal indigenous expressions of wine, divided between more "modern" producers with 'fruitier' and softer wines and the "traditional" set of wineries with wines more towards 'earthier' characteristics. The terroir (environment...) here is very complex.

Indeed the district contains more than 300 registered single vineyards that are bottled in exclusivity to showcase the minute variations of the landscape, micro climates, soil types and expositions.