Marie-Lise and Thomas Batardiere

Marie-Lise & Thomas Batardiere Chenin Clos de Cocus 2020

$ 44.50

This wine comes from a sole parcel of Chenin, planted in 1958 in Faye Anjou, a neighboring village. The Clos des Cocus terroir is the summit of a hillside (southwest) very exposed to winds. The soil is 20-40 cm of clay on schist. On the surface there is volcanic rock, some spilites and rhyolites.

The juice is vinified in the same way as his l’Esprit Libre, but in 500L barrels. These barrels are used, 2-3 years old. No new barrels. These are barrels that Thomas buys new so as to be sure that they have never contained sulfur. The juice is blended in steel tanks before the fermentation starts. The alcoholic and malolatic fermentations start naturally, without inoculation and without temperature control. The wine rests on its lees from pressing until summer. Without sulfur. To prepare for bottling, Thomas racks several days before filtering. All of the wines are bottled in September, before the harvest. No fining is ever done, nor is any oenological product ever added, with the exception of sulfur. Demeter certified.