Melon de Bourgogne

Melon de Bourgogne is the grape that produces Muscadet, Loir's most prevalent white. DNA analysis has revealed it to be a crossing between Pinot Blanc and Gouais blanc (Weisser Heunisch). Muscadet pairs beautifully with oysters and lobster.
Muscadet wines are almost always light bodied and very dry. Fresh and crisp, they will sometimes also show efflorescence from the bottling process and yeasty notes from aging on the lees ("sur lie"). Muscadet is a natural oyster pairing, to many in the Loire valley the best amongst still wines.
While in France wines are generally named after the region, or in the case of Alsace after the variety, Muscadet is the exception in that this wine is named after what some have called musky aromatics.