Menetou Salon

Located southwest of Sancerre, this relatively small appellation produces a similar range of high-quality white, red and rosé wines that offer excellent value. Grape varieties are sauvignon blanc for whites ("Menetou-Salon Blanc") and pinot noir for rosé and reds. The region is located in the Cher department and covers ten communes: Menetou-Salon, Quantilly, Aubinges, Saint-Célos, Morogues, Parassy, Soulangis, Vignoux-sous-les-Aix, Pigny, and Humbligny. 310 hectars are roughly shared between reds and whites with a small percentage belonging to excellent rose wines. Minimum planting density of 5,600 vines per hectare. Guyot or double Guyot pruning. The vines are planted in upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian limestone sediment. The rugged side (Cuesta) to the east (Morogues) softens toward the west as it moves nearer to Menetou-Salon.