Riviere Ligure di Ponente

This DOC describes a coastal region in Liguria, partly on the Italian Riviera, which runs westward from Genoa almost all the way to the French border.

Here wine growing finds itself almost exclusively in the dedicated hands of small growers as there's not enough plain or plateau to encourage large-scale farming, and the vines receive full reign to explore their affinity for rugged hillsides. Pigato, Vermentino and Ormeasco are the best-known varieties producing the finest bottlings.

These, along with the Rossese di Albenga are grown in three sub-zones: Albenga, Finale and Riviera dei Fiori. When the wine bears a varietal name, it will contain 95% of the named variety, with the balance coming from other local types.

Ormeasco has a tall tale to tell, since it was once known as Dolcetto. And though initially emigrating centuries ago from Piedmont, it has evolved its distinct flavor profile here down on the coast.

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