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Colli Orientali
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Refosco, Cabernet Franc, Schioppettino, Ribolla Gialla
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Paolo Rodaro

Like so many regions that are known for its large scale commercial wine production, Friuli is also home to some truly exciting terroir and winemakers who are eager to produce quality from her. Paolo Rodaro is one of the few: a 6th generation winemaker who still carries the name of the founder, Paolo has inherited his passion for quality from a long line of Rodaro winemakers that reaches all the way back to the Austro Hungarian empire and its rule of the region.

But no better man to describe the heritage and philosophy of the winery than Paolo himself:

“A love for this land, its passionate people and its traditions are all part of the valued heritage that I was born into in Friuli Venezia Giulia”.

Located in northeast Italy, bordering Austria, Slovenia and the Veneto, Friuli extends all the way from the snow capped Alps down to the golden shores of the Adriatic Sea. A treasured land that has been blessed with both outstanding environmental beauty and an ancient, fascinating history. It really is a wonderful place to discover. While our family history dates back centuries, it is a notary deed from 1846 that marks the beginning of the winery’s modern history.

This deed, which bears the stamp of the Austro-Hungarian empire, is the oldest document at the winery, attesting as it does to the donation of a plot of vineyard land between members of our family. And so our story began and has since been written, by each passing generation whose investments in the vineyard and the cellar have yielded a wealth of experience that continues to be treasured and handed on today.

Amongst these beautiful hills, which are today known the world over for their exquisite white wines, I represent the 6th generation of Rodaro winemakers. Indeed I’m proud to say that the family business today still carries the name of my grandfather, who like me, was also called Paolo Rodaro.

This land has always been dedicated to the cultivation of vines and what sets it apart is its unique soil composition, known locally as the “ponca” (eocenic marl), together with its micro-climate. Today, we have dedicated 57 hectares of our estate to the production of the highest quality D.O.C and D.O.C.G wines.

What’s more, I’m proud to say our production chain is completely managed in-house, from the grape all the way through to the bottle. And on our vineyard terraces, as practiced for many centuries, all our harvesting is still done by hand, including my own.

In the winery itself, we aim to harness the spirit of tradition, experimentation and innovation, to produce on average 250,000 bottles of fine wines each year. As it was instilled in me by my father Luigi and my uncle, Edo, at the Rodaro winery we think of ‘Quality’ rather than ‘Quantity’. With our wines, we interpret the wonderful harmony that exists between natures intense colours, delicate scents & memorable flavours, respecting at all times the unique characteristics of each grape.

I have great respect for tradition, but I also love to explore and improve my skills by trying new and unique vinifictations.

I love wine and wine-making and I would be delighted for you to visit us, to taste our wines and if time will allow us, to take a stroll through the vineyards.

Paolo Rodaro, Oenologist, Winemaker & “Farmer”