Rosi Schuster

Rosi Schuster Rotburger 2018

$ 22.00

Rosi and Hannes Schuster have created a powerful style and a full-bodied and fruity Rotburger (previously known as Zweigelt.) More muscle than is normal with this wine. This is a certified Organic winery. The style is concentrated with good extraction, but retains its brilliance and racy Rotburger soul. Rotburger is a cross of the St.Laurent and Blaufrankisch grapes, and is perhaps still more commonly known as Zweigelt. However, both Hannes Schuster and we here at Winemonger prefer to call the grape by its original name, Rotburger, because the man who crossed the two grapes, Dr. Zweigelt, was a Nazi. We don't encourage celebrating Nazi's.