Fattoria San Francesco Ciro Greco Bianco 2014

The quintessential Italian seafood white wine made from 100% Greco grapes grown in the multitude of estate vineyards, some reaching the beaches on the Mediterranean sea. "Freshly Oceanic" is the best way to describe this Southern Italian seaside white win



"Enotria" (the land of wine). That's what the ancient Greeks had to say about the wild deep Southern Italian region Calabria. This region provides the toe to the Italian peninsula, and is home of the indigenous variety Gaglioppo that was brought by the earliest Greek colonizers. A magic and untouched landscape more akin to the wilderness of inland Greece and Northern Africa, stupendously Mediterranean. CIRO' is the most important and historical wine denomination f this region. Legend and now archeology has it that the wine of Ciro' was offered to ancient Olympic champions in Greece 3000 years ago. The winery Fattoria San Francesco is nested in a XVI century monastery where vineyards and olive groves were planted. In Ialy the winery boasts "cult status" amongst Somms and wine industry peers, having long been considered one of the most traditional and classic producers of Calabrian wine. From those vineyards, the wines from the Fattoria San Francesco are still produced, and the monastery is the center of the agricultural activity. Gallioppo is the most important red wine grape in Calabria and Greco the white. The Iuzzolini family has recently taken over the winery and renovated as well as improved production on all levels. FATTORIA SAN FRANCESCO's CIRO' BIANCO CLASSICO (from the classical / historical epicenter of the appellation) is the entry level white wine, made from 100% Greco grapes grown in the multitude of estate vineyards, some reaching the town of Ciro' Marina (right up to the beaches on the Mediterranean sea). "Oceanic" is the best way to describe this benchmark Southern Italian seaside white wine. Sea water, shellfish, Mediterranean herbs, exotic citrus (bergamot & clementine) and almonds are classic aromas. All stainless steal, selected yeasts and cold temperature fermentation to preserve freshness. I most vintaged the grapes are harvested early to retain acidity in Calabria's hot weather. Only made from 1st press juice. The quintessential Italian seafood white wine.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Farming Standard No
Winemaker No
Producer Fattoria San Francesco
Alcohol 12.50
ml No
Residual Sugar (g/L) 9.93
Acidity (g/l) 7.40
Closure Cork
Cellar Potential 3 years
Grape Variety 100% - Greco
Body medium
Sweetness off-dry
region Calabria





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