This white variety has been selected out of different wild wines in Speyer in the Rhine back in 1840 by Philipp Bronner (1792 - 1864) It is first mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Grape Varieties which has been published by Mr. Dabo the first director of the Klosterneuburg oenologic school in 1840. Hermann Goethe, the director of the Maribor oenologic school wrote a new encyclopedia, which mentioned the Orangetraube as a table grape which could also be taken for making wine. The little berries are sweet like honey when they are ripe. Today, they are grown in the Zahel wineyards and in some other wineyards in Burgenland and Klostereuburg. 1922 Prof. Fritz Zweigelt created the grape of Goldburger by crossing Orangetraube and Welschriesling.

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