Neumeister Sauvignon Blanc Klassik 2016

Neumeister Sauvignon is amongst the finest you will find not just in Austria but anywhere in the world.



Neumeister works roughly 35 hectars in the town of Straden in Eastern Styria. His soils are rich in limestone from an ancient sea bed that covered all of Styria in the Tertiary, but also from a river that once deposited chalky soils here as Alpine runoff.

After meticulous work in his organically farmed vineyards, grape quality if further improved by carefully and slowly cherry-picking grapes on the sorting table. Neumeister likes extended maceration to add complexity to this wines.

The Sauvignon Blanc Klassik then ferments in steel tanks and stays on the fine lees until spring. The resulting Sauvignon Blanc is juicy and herbaceous, with notes of cassis, capers, parsley and green olives as well as sea salt, pepper and paprika.

On the palate this wine is dense and compact, deeply spiced with notes of juniper berry, laurel and hints of algae, followed by a salty finish.

2016 was a disastrous vintage for the Neumeister brothers as late frost destroyed most of the vines shoots over night. The little that was left, about 20% of the usual crop, received a lot of love and care and it's bitter-sweet to taste the amazing wines this vintage produced in such small supply.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Farming Standard organic
Winemaker Christoph Neumeister
Producer Neumeister
Alcohol 12.50
ml 750
Residual Sugar (g/L) 1.00
Acidity (g/l) 6.40
Closure Screw Cap
Cellar Potential Best from 2016 - 2019
Grape Variety 100% - Sauvignon Blanc
Body medium
Sweetness dry
region Styria



Styria’s lovely landscape frequently evokes comparison with Tuscany. And it certainly offers one of the most beautiful wine-happy environments to be seen anywhere. Steiermark is comprised of three subregions, Southern Styria (Südsteiermark), Southeastern Styria (Südoststeiermark) and Weststeiermark (Western Styria). Untersteiermark (Lower Styria) lies south of the border in the sovereign state of Slovenia.

In Southeastern Styria, the volcanic hillsides roll out some 3300 acres of vines, mostly white varieties like the famous Sauvignon Blanc, light and refreshing—also chardonnay (light and refreshing as well, not much oak). These wines are all characterized by a fine mineral spice that offers delicacy to complement their vibrant character.

The wildly romantic landscape of Southern Styria offers nearly 5000 acres under the vine—planted in part on precipitous slopes in a wide variety of soils ranging from sand and slate to limestony marls. Again, Sauvignon Blanc leads the way, although brilliant wines from Muscat and Traminer also find their way to us here in America.

Weststeiermark has some 1100 acres planted to vines—almost exclusively devoted to a single variety, the Blauer Wildbacher. Of uncertain parentage, this little acid-factory is famous for yielding a wine called Schilcher—an acquired taste than some folks cannot live without. Most Schilcher is consumed within the domestic confines of Styria and often at one of the many "Buschenschank" places, the Styrian equivalent to Vienna's "Heuriger", where locals congregate to drink wine and eat small dishes.


Eastern Styria

For us at Winemonger the region of Eastern Styria centers around the Neumeister winery in Straden, a small amphitheater-like chain of steep hills that provide vastly different soil and climate conditions than the rest of Styria. The soils here contain limestone from two sources: maritime deposits from an ancient seabed and even larger chalk deposits stemming from Alpine runoff. Combined with higher precipitation, the meager lime stone soils allow for an extended ripening period and elegance in the wines produced here that is immediately apparent at the hands of a producer like Neumeister.

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