Bio Vio

Bio Vio U Bastio Rossese di Albenga 2022

$ 32.50

Bio Vio is an unspoken legend in the magical Northern seaside region of Liguria, a land often struck by landslides, low yields, missed vintages and tough labor. With its extreme old world farming, intensely steep, handworked vineyards, and the resulting distinctly fresh wines influenced by the ever present Mediterranean, Liguria has become quite the Sommelier darling. The family run estate of Bio Vio is located in the town of Albenga, a coveted spot known for producing the best quality grapes. The Vios were among the first if not THE first to produce wine here through biological organic agriculture (hence the name...), Aimone Giobatta Vio tends to the 30+ year old vines and minimal intervention winemaking with the help of his 2 daughters.

The Rossese of Bio Vio is grown just outside the only appellation dedicated to this varietal (Rossese Di Dolceacqua DOC). Hence the wine is labelled with the more broader Riviera Ligure Di Ponente DOC. The lighter soils of this area as opposed to the iron rich clay soils of Dolceacqua next door, create a more feminine, subtle, elegant and delicate expression of the Rossese grape.