D'Angelo Sacravite 2014

$ 15.25

The D’Angelo winery, whose name has been identified with the Aglianico wine for approximately a century, represents for Basilicata the history of this wine. Rocco and Erminia D’Angelo sons of Lucio keep focusing their efforts on the constant improvement of the quality of their products, which start first of all in the constant improvement of the quality of their approx. 35 ha of winery-owned vineyards. The winery has 35 Ha of winery-owned vineyard, and produces 300.000 bottles yearly.The company has 2 estates, the first one is used for the wine-making process and the second one for the ageing (barrels and barriques). The Aglianico grape variety has been grown in southern Italy for centuries, particularly in the regions of Basilicata and Campania, where it was probably introduced by the Greeks during the founding of their colonies. There are numerous theories as to how the grape acquired its name, but it is believed to derive from Ellenico or Ellanico (“Hellenic” in English). The variety thrives in hilly terrain of volcanic origin, which is typically clayey, calcareous and of strong composition. The D.P.R. of February 18, 1972 awarded the variety the denominazione di origine controllata, or D.O.C.: “Aglianico del Vulture”.