Feiler-Artinger Neuburger 2015

$ 8.00 $ 19.90

Neuburger is an old natural crossing of Roter Veltliner and Silvaner, first noticed in the 19th Century. Typically, it makes full-bodied, rather powerful wine. There's very little of it, only around 250 hectares in all of Austria, and it's usually found in Burgenland and the Wachau. Typically, it takes on a nutty flavor and is a real pain to produce, subject to rot and rain damage, which more or less explains why so few wineries go the trouble of making it.

Feiler, however, is very fond of the grape - they have 1.5 hectares of it and produce one of the country's best every year. The grape is happiest in warm, dry years, such as 2015.

This wine is very full-flavored with a combination of intense floral aromas and a distinct herbal finish. It is unlike any other Austrian wine, though there are some similarities with an almost equally unknown grape, Roter Veltliner.

It should be served with hearty foods and can stand up to any meat - the Viennese signature dish Tafelspitz comes to mind. This wine was aged in lightly toasted barrels; it has undergone malolactic fermentation; the acid is not high but the flavors are dazzling. Aging potential is around 8-9 years or so. A unique and wonderful wine.