Hidden Treasures by Moric

Hidden Treasures NR5 Blaufrankisch Neckenmarkt 2017

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Ried Hochberg,— the highest vineyard in Mittelburgenland lies at 450 meters (almost 1500 feet) direct on the Hungarian border.
It marks the edge of northern forest. From its highest point, one can see the southern part of the Neusiedlersee (New Settler Lake). This large lake influences the micro-climate of the vineyard, which is shielded from the Oden Mountains.
This range, however, does show itself in the soil. Sparkling slate from silicon helps insure a warm climate, in addition to the southern alignment of most of the Hochberg. The Blaufrankisch grapes come from a very old terrace formation with an eastern alignment. This prevents the grapes from becoming overripe. Many vintners in this area have planted younger clones in the recent past, which is easily observed and more easily tasted. Our grapes are 55 years old.

The grapes are harvested by hand by the end of September, carefully selected in the winery, washed and transported in open wood fermenters, a part of which, (10-15%) is added as whole grapes. Fermentation begins spontaneously the following day.
Once or twice daily the mash is whetted with or wholly submerged in the juice. After thirty days of maceration, the pressing follows and the filling in large wood casks (600 and 1350 liter), utilizing gravity settling. During the entire process of becoming wine, no treatment additives are used. The layers are removed separately until bottling on the fine lees.

Old clone selection, grapes self refined. Unlike younger clone selections, the berries of the old vines are bigger, as are the grapes. However the grapes are very thick skinned with less water content and thus higher extract in the wine.
Through year round vegetation the vine’s roots go deep in the ground and can better handle stress situations and can thus do well in the conversion to organic farming.