Hogl Bruck Riesling Smaragd 2013

$ 57.75

This is Hogl's top wine. With a ravishing scent, it is as elegant and forceful as one could imagine. Tremendous, deep fruit, all wisteria and nectarine, this is one of the reasons great Wachau wines are held in such high esteem. The soil here is quite complex: schist, gneiss, slate, mica and even sandstone all mix to produce a mineral soup. This vineyard is somewhere around 7-8 kilometers (almost 5 miles) from the river. It is also quite high for vines, up to around 450 meters, almost 1500 feet. Thus a long ripening is needed. Fortunately, this is a pocket of warmth, the last one in the Spitzergraben (the valley that comes from the Waldviertel to the north and leads to the river.