Kolfok Furmint Remember 2019

$ 64.50

This is Furmint from a 40 year old vineyard of mica slate, orthogneiss and quartz. Done whole cluster with 8 months of native yeast fermentation in two 250L barrels. Unfined/Unfiltered with minimal sulphur. Furmint used to be the most widely planted grape in Neckenmarkt, Burgenland but was lost to time and political strife, thus the name 'Remember'. This is a serious white wine which while fresh and immediately drinkable lends itself to contemplation and aging potential. Some notes of lanolin and bee pollen, golden apples and aromatic dried grasses. Super complex and engaging.

In regional dialect Kolfok means an unconventional thinker.

Winemaker Stefan Wellanschitz's family's estate in Neckenmarkt dates to the early 19th century, when this part of Burgenland was still Hungarian and not Austrian. In 2013 Stefan decided to deviate from the family's more traditional style and launch his own wines with a philosophy of natural winemaking combined with an emphasis on terroir. His goal aptly demonstrates Neckenmarkt's unique combination of alpine soils and Pannonian climate. Stephan rejects the idea of monoculture, planting cover crops of herbs and beneficial plants. All work in the cellar is gentle with minimal intervention. There is no pumping, filtering or fining and very low sulphur use.