Kolfok Welschriesling Nolens Volens 2016

$ 34.00

Stefan likes to use varieties like the Welschriesling for their transparency, meaning their quality of not overpowering the fine terroir notes with strong fruit character.

Welschriesling delivers on this promise: the Nolens Volens ( "willy-nilly" ) is a wine best described by Stefan himself in the video posted below. Willy-nilly because the winemaking program for this wine was conceived involuntarily when Stefan had no working destemmer. Whole cluster press was the answer, with about twenty percent of the juice left to ferment on skins while the rest went straight to used barrels.

The vineyard, right at the border to Hungary, is on pure schist with very high plantation density of 1000 vines per hectare. As Stefan points out, the Welschriesling greatly profits from these very specific conditions that lend concentration and fine and subtle aromas.