MORIC Alte Reben Neckenmarkt 2011

$ 148.00

In contrast to its brother from Lutzmannsburg, this wine features a greater mineral intensity which lingers longer down the hatch and makes quite a memorable impression. Nice smokey nose, vivid interplay of sour cherries and charcuterie, very striking and spicy on the palate, driven by blackberry and cherry flavors, nice textural intensity, firm tannins and quite satisfyingly balanced. 9 parcels of vines aged between 39 to 82 years old. Soils are 75% slate, 20% limestone and 5% loam. Open vat spontaneous fermentation. Aging for 6 months in 50% used & 50% new in matured 500 liter barrels with no toast for 6 months, then transferred to 100% used oak. FOOD PAIRING: Red and game meats that won't overpower this elegant wine. TRY THIS: Braised Beef and Veal with Tomato Gravy.