Neumeister Sauvignon Blanc Klassik Straden 2019

$ 27.50

Neumeister works roughly 35 hectars in the town of Straden in Eastern Styria. His soils are rich in limestone from an ancient sea bed that covered all of Styria in the Tertiary, but also from a river that once deposited chalky soils here as Alpine runoff.

After meticulous work in his organically farmed vineyards, grape quality if further improved by carefully and slowly cherry-picking grapes on the sorting table. Neumeister likes extended maceration to add complexity to this wines. Here it lastet 18 hours.

The Sauvignon Blanc Klassik then ferments in steel tanks and large old oak barrels. It matures on the fine lees until spring. The resulting Sauvignon Blanc is juicy and herbaceous, with notes of cassis, capers, parsley and green olives as well as sea salt, pepper and paprika.

On the palate this wine is dense and compact, deeply spiced with notes of juniper berry, laurel and hints of algae, followed by a salty finish.

2019 was an exceptional vintage, and had it not been for Covid19, these wines would have been hard to come by. Enjoy while they last.

Climate: A blend of Illyric and Pannonian Climate, lots of rain during the year (average 900 mm) with plenty of sun. Warm days - cool nights.

Vineyards: The steep vineyards are located around Straden, with the main locations being: Klausen, Saziani, Himberg, Buchberg and Silberberg. Age of the vines: 5 - 35 years old. Neumeister places special emphasis on viticulture close to nature, certified organic cultivation and the longevity of our vines. Neumeister refrains from using herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Soil: Calcareous, sedimentary soil from the Tertiary mixed with alluvial gravel and partly volcanic soil.

Total Production: 32.000 bottles

Tasting Notes: Spicy, tropical nose like physalis, red currant and coriander; a bit of passion fruit and papaya; pink pepper and sea salt. Finely woven; yellow bell pepper, cranberries and bay leaves. Elegant with a long finish.