Rosa Del Golfo

Rosa Del Golfo Scaliere 2016

$ 14.50

Rosa del Golfo is one of the most respected benchmark wineries in Southern Italy. Located in the beautiful coast of the Salento area in Puglia, their "claim to fame" is the highest rated Italian Rose', which gave the name to the actual winery. Indeed, Rosa del Golfos 'Salento Rosato' is considered in Italy as one of the best pink wines made. Aside from their famous Rose', the winery also produces an outstanding series of superbly earthy and generous red wines, amongst which the "Scaliere", a blend of the indigenous Negroamaro and the Southern Italian king Aglianico. The secret to the quality of the wines is not only the warm and sunny Apulian climate, but the famous 'Terre Rosse' (Red soils), rich in iron deposits that give the wines unparalleled complexity and structure.