Rosi Schuster

Rosi Schuster Aus Den Dorfern Gruner Veltliner/Gem. Satz 2019

$ 23.50

90% Gruner Veltliner 10% an even blend of Welschriesling, Muskat Ottonel, Weissburgunder, Neuburger & Furmint from his organically farmed vyds surrounding Ruster Berg. Grown on gneiss, schist, limestone and sand. Native yeast and used Stockinger barrels. A fantastic vintage! Just a few miles west of the great shallow lake called the Neusiedlersee (literally, the new settler lake) is the town of St. Margarethen and the winery Rosi Schuster. While Rosi still loves to help in the vineyards, today her son Hannes runs the estate, which specializes in brilliant, long-lived red wines and just a couple vibrant white wines. Their nine hectares of vines spread themselves out among the finest and oldest vineyards in the communities of St Margarethen and Zagersdorf. Hannes' style and winemaking techniques are greatly influenced by his friend and mentor Roland Velich of the Moric estate, with whom he has collaborated closely for more than a decade. Hannes' wines always showcase bright fruit and transparently express the terroir of the villages of Sankt Margarethen, Rust and Zagersdorf. Here you will find soils ranging from heavy loam to sandstone, gravel and limestone. The vineyards have been organically certified since 2014 and produce distinctive wines that tell a tale of their place. This is what Hannes finds intriguing.