Zalto Water Glass

Lead free- which you definitely want in a glass that is used for water (and all beverages) that may sit in the glass for a long time.



Of course the Zalto Water glass is the most elegant way to serve water, but it has many other uses. With a bowl similar in size and shape to the White Wine glass, it can be handy to swap for this one instead, with its shorter stem, if cupboard space is at a premium. It can also be used when two white wines are being served in order to differentiate them, and we've heard from parents with small children that they use this glass since it tips less easily then those with the longer stem.

The height of the glass is 7.7 inches and it is 3.2 inches at its widest part. The volume capacity is 400 ml.

All Zalto glasses are mouth blown and lead free. We strongly recommend using a dishwasher rather than hand washing. Be sure to place your glass securely in the dishwasher rack.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Producer Zalto
Winemaker Kurt Zalto with Father Denk
Volume (ml) No
Height (inches) No
Lead-free Yes
ml No
region Zalto Glassware
Grape Variety N/A


Zalto Glassware



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