Deboutbertin GoGo Gadget aux bulles 2020

$ 46.50

Organic pink bubbles! 90% Pineau d'Aunis, 10% Chenin Blanc. Pineau d'Aunis is a light skinned red grape with notes of fresh herbs and a light savory quality. Paired with a bit of floral richly textured fruit driven Chenin Blanc the combination results in a seductive complex and aromatic sparkling wine. The grapes come from tiny vineyards of 45-90 year old vines. No machinery is ever used in the vineyard. Instead this family owned winery uses their Percheron horse Anatole for all plowing, and harvesting is done entirely by hand. Rigorous sorting means only clean grapes are chosen for fermentation which happens slowly only using natural native yeast. Wines are only moved by gravity (no pumping) This is natural winemaking at its finest. No sulphur is added. The Deboutbertin family have been growers since 2012. Their 10 hectare farm is 7 small organically farmed plots. The family is committed to biodiversity so the property is a mix of vines, meadows and hedgerows and many of the vines are old (up to 90 years) head trained vines, meaning un-trellised.