Coffele is a historical benchmark winery of the medieval town of Soave. Located smack in the center, past the medieval town walls and adjacent to the likes of PieroPan and the coop Cantine Del Castello, they have been a family run traditional Soave producer since 1928. Indeed, Coffele’s Soave wines are labelled as ‘Classico’, noting their location within the officially delineated historical production zone of this medieval famous wine. With the help of their parents, Giovanna Visco and Giuseppe Coffele, from whom they inherited their passion for the land and the vines, Alberto and Chiara run the winery situated a few steps away from the ancient castle of Soave in what is delineated by the Italian government as the "Classico" (historical) part of the denomination.

Since about a decade the winery has been following full certified Biodynamic practices (all-natural - minimal intervention - spiritual viticulture) in their vineyards, situated at an average of about 1000 feet above sea.

I have been in love with this winery for decades as there are only a handful of family-run producers of Soave that have managed to capture personality, the essence of the Garganega grape and the terroir of this land, so effectively. What sets Coffele apart is their insane focus on sustainability, respect for the land and a denomination that became largely industrial with the 80’s and 90’s boom. Their commitment to the land is extremely admirable, with the family going as far as implementing horses for vineyard work and fertilization through controlled feeding of the animals, thus eliminating the issues with purchased manure where the food given to the animals cannot be traced, as well as the possible use of drugs and other dubious supplements. Aside from the horses, Coffele also conducted studies on specific worm strains that they include in the vineyards in order to aerate the soils and provide added nutrition to the vines.

Locally, they are revered as a cult winery that for decades was not focused on exporting. It is the natives themselves that will tell you that a winery in Soave is judged by its entry-level wine. If the basic Soave DOC is good...the winery is considered good, as that is indeed the most representative style of this white jewel. Coffele’s entry level is largely considered far more than good, with most restaurants and stores there recommending it as one of the best. It is thanks to producers the like of Coffele that we can safely say Soave has returned to and surpassed its past glory as one of Italy’s most historical white wines...and “Amen” to that!