Domaine Pierre Menard

Pierre Menard's parents farm over 20 hectares of old Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc, which they sell to the local cooperative. Seeing the incredible potential of his parents' vineyards, some of them planted as early as 1920, Pierre started to farm a small parcel himself, following biodynamic principles. Pierre made his first wines in 2013. Already, this inaugural vintage was received to great critical acclaim.

His Quart de Noels, a Chenin made from these ancient vines, is a wine of incredible depth, minerality and fruit expression. In the nose wet stone, candied pear and salinity mingle with intense focus and persistence. On the palate the wine is explosive, dense with good structure and acidity, apt at doing the heavy lifting.

Somewhat unusual for the appellation, the Menard family also farms a parcel of Sauvignon Blanc, called the Clos de la Roche. Pierre's bottling of these grapes, The Laika, will be on our next import. Stay tuned!