Tucked away in a 16th century winery in the historic village of Rust on the shore of Lake Neusiedl, a UNESCO world heritage site and bird sanctuary, Robert and Marianne Gassner create evocative and natural expressions of Blaufrankisch, Blauer Zweigelt, Gruner Veltliner and Furmint.

In 2007 the Gassners revitalized a centuries long family winemaking tradition and began to make wine from their 3 hectares. Their old vines are ideally planted in the unique weathered soil over slate and granite primary rock of the Rusterberg. This special soil, known as Ruster Schotter is laden with mineral deposits and quartz and translates into transparent pure expressions of fruit. For 8 years only friends and family were able to enjoy these imminently drinkable and elegant wines until in 2015 Robert and Marianne were convinced to release a small amount commercially.

Since the winery inception everything has been done by hand utilizing biodynamic preparations with an emphasis not only on health but also climate awareness. They farm biodynamically and entirely by hand using a backpack sprayer for their special herbal preparations. They say working in tandem with nature is not only right for the planet but lets them be more connected to the land. When they nurture the living soil and treat it respectfully, they are merely the conduits exposing what is naturally there. Grapes are of course picked by hand with rigorous selection, choosing only the most pristine fruit. Fermentations are native and aging takes place in large used Austrian barrels or in clay Amphorae. There is little sulphur use.

We are so very excited to import these beautiful wines for the first time to the United States and we currently offer them to our wholesale customers in California and New York and here on in limited quantities.