"Two Souls"

"Every single one of our (few) wines is a reflection of our two souls and yet still feels at one with itself,
with us and with the world." Martin Lichtenberger

It was at an internship at a California winery that Martin Lichtenberger met the love of his life Ariana Gonzalez, a Spanish winemaker. Once back in Austria the two further honed their craft by making wines for Gernot Heinrich and Rosi Schuster, while slowly but surely developing their own vision for what was to become the new incarnation of Martin's parents' winery: Lichtenberger-Gonzalez.

With this much background in winemaking on both sides it was clear that the wines could only be made a certain way, one that would go back to the roots of winemaking where quality is produced by hand and without the use of technology. Everything they needed to make great wines had long been invented and the other ingredients needed, namely old vines, interesting terroir in the form of limestone were available to them at the Leithaberg mountains of the Burgenland region where Martin had grown up.

" Please don’t expect us to be on the same page as the rest when it comes to taste. The opposite is the case. We tend to take the long road and make our wines slowly and patiently by hand: the way wine has always been made. Spontaneous fermentation, in wooden barrels, a long time on the lees and minimal intervention. After all, nature knows best what it needs and doesn’t require any certificates to be itself. Just like us ;-)"