We started last year with a liter wine, but found out that ten hectares wasn’t enough basis to satisfy what turned into an immediately insatiable demand for top-quality estate-bottled GV at a silly price. And we liked the idea of staying estate-bottled, which offers numerous advantages over the run-of-the-mill Abfüller liter wines—which even themselves are usually quite nice.

And this led us to the Kamptal estate of Franz Etz in Walkersdorf, not far from the famous wine-town Langenlois. Already while visiting Austria last March we started experimenting with various cuvées, blending complementary lots together—and when our first Kamptal liter-wine from Etz hit the street last summer it proved an instant success—offering a bit more chew if a little less snap than the Weinviertel version.

The Etz family has been in business here since 1898, and the estate is now in the 4th generation.

With early 40 hectares of vineyard in production, the Etz estate prides itself on synthesizing the modern and the traditional. Their goal is to offer wines that show themselves from vineyard to bottle entirely in harmony with nature and the environment, from parcels planted around the famous wine-town Strass. Gaisberg, Galgenberg (that’s the gallows-hill, folks), and Wechselberg are among the famous vineyard names to be found in the Etz collection.

The Etz brothers place their emphasis on a peppery and spicy style of grüner veltliner—exclusively fermented in super-stainless steel tanks—temperature controlled fermentations are conducted with indigenous as well as cultured yeast, depending on the demands of the individual lot. Time resting on the fine-lees adds complexity and polish to the wine.