Bio Vio

Bio Vio is the epitome of a family-run, nature conscious, territorially authentic and quality-driven biodynamic winery. Located in the "golden" town of Albenga, right in the heart of North-Western Italy's iconic Liguria region, within the most significant appellation, the Riviera Ligure Di Ponente DOC (literally the "Western Ligurian Riviera"). The Giobatta family has been growing grapes here for generations and started producing their own wine entirely with estate grapes in the year 2000.

Contrary to the Eastern half of Liguria, this area benefits from a better sun exposition, slightly warmer temperatures and the presence of iron in the soils.

  All these terroir characteristics allow for grapes to achieve greater ripeness, structure and depth levels whilst maintaining the trademark acidity and sapidity (saltiness) that characterizes wines from this cult region.

Liguria is a land of extremes, with vineyards planted in incredibly steep terraces overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Landslides are a serious yearly threat and harvests are brutally challenging.

Despite its location right on the ocean, the soils are completely NON-marine, made up of schist, quartz, and limestone with traces of iron in the West. A true terroir of "contrast", where mountain meets ocean. This unique scenario, exclusive to Liguria, becomes evident in the aromas and palate of the wines produced here.

Bio Vio meticulously cultivates the region's most indigenous and representative varietals : Vermentino, Pigato (a mutation of Vermentino) and the flagship red Rossese. Various tiers and agings create various bottlings.

Distinguished by a unique packaging, the Bio Vio winery was one of the first producers in Liguria to switch to Bio-Dynamic and certified organic viticulture by the government entities. Complete natural and holistic agricultural practices are utilized for the production of these superbly terroir-driven wines that never miss a chance to please and impress, but most seduce.