150 years ago Guiseppe Cobelli began Azienda Agricola Eredi di Cobelli Aldo on the slopes of Monte Corona in the Alto Adige appellation. Cobelli is located in Sorni di Lavis, an area of Southern Trentino that has been renowned since the Romans for its grape-growing history. Guiseppe arrived in Sorni di Lavis as a famei, a local term for the many people who emigrated to the area looking for work and housing. He settled, working the vines for the local noble, the largest landowner, and slowly, over many years was able to buy bits of land to farm independently.

His three great-grandsons and their families now cultivate almost 5 hectares of local varieties, all farmed organically, including Nosiola, Teroldego, and Schiava. The Monte Corona area is best known not only for its wonderful exposition and altitude but also the unique vein of chalk that runs through the soil here and the "Ora del Garda". This is a Mediterranean-influenced wind that moderates the temperature in their valley, allowing for the perfect ripening of the grapes, creating wonderful phenolics, balanced sugar, and acidity.

Work in the vineyard is done by the brothers with harvest by hand. There is minimal intervention in the cellar and real respect to tradition permeates everything they do.