Philipp Bründlmayer

A son, a father, a grandfather.

Three vineyards: Reid Steingraben, Vordernberg, and Moosburgerin, three of the best sites of the Kremstal.

This is the story of a family and how their estate evolved, changing over time into an extraordinary example of the potential and excellence of the Kremstal.

Philipp Brundlmayer's grandfather had a mixed agricultural estate. He raised livestock and grew grapes which he took to the local co-op. In the 1980s, Philipp’s father Josef decided to turn his passionate winemaking hobby into a career. He noticed that many old vineyard sites, particularly those at high elevations were available for purchase. In a time of dedicated tractor farming, no one wanted old, steep vineyards that had to be worked by hand. They wanted parcels that were flat and easy to work by machine. What at first seemed tedious and difficult over time became the cornerstone of the Brundlmayer estate and philosophy. Josef was able to acquire sites in extraordinarily steep, rugged Steingraben, the perilously stony Vordernberg and ancient monastic terraces of Moosburgerin, now considered 3 of the best sites in the Kremstal.

When Philipp partnered with his father in 2015, he expanded upon that inherited passion for excellent terroir. He instituted organic farming methods, cover crops and embraced the difficult hand work of the vineyards. He cherished their old vines with their heightened aromatics and phenolics. He espoused precise and thoughtful winemaking which resulted in meticulous, clean wines using a combination of stainless steel tanks and traditional old foudre. Now, under the continued stewardship of Philipp Brundlmayer they await organic certification while continuing to make excellent mineral-driven Gruner Veltliner and Riesling showcasing the terroir of the Kremstal.