Easkoot Cellars

Easkoot Cellars Solitude Blanc de Blancs Reserve 2017

$ 34.50

A rare Sparkling wine from Easkoot Cellars. Our first and probably last Blanc de Blancs Brut from Devil's Gluch vineyard in Marin County's Nicasio valley and a true labor of love. Beautiful, perfectly ripe Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc (approximately 5%) harvested from the highly sought after, windy and notoriously low-yielding Devil's Gulch Vyd in 2017. It was fermented in stainless steel and partly in used Stockinger oak to retain its wonderful fresh acidity. From the start we were awed by its seductive aromas and flavorful focus. So bright! (Note: It had 10.4g/L titratable acidity with a ph of 3.1 - the kind of values you dream of when you aim for crispness and elegance.) True to form, the vineyard's yield was minute but promised amazing juice quality in return. We were only able to harvest 2.1 tons which made this a minuscule and relatively expensive production, requiring the same amount of attention to detail as if we made ten times the wine! To become this fabulous sparkling wine, our Solitude followed Methode Traditionnelle just like in Champagne where secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle. It then spent another four years on its lees (naturally occurring sediments) gaining complexity and its elegantly evolved palate until it was finally disgorged in September of 2022. Our first Sparkling, following the ideology of Easkoot, cool climate, restrained elegance and capturing the beauty of Marin. An absolute rare pleasure.