Felix Austria

"Felix Austria" is a well-known phrase in Austria, one every child hears about sooner or later as they learn about their country's history, one that was shaped by the noble House of Habsburg and its preference for battle-less annexations of other countries by way of marriage.

Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube – Wars may others wage, you happy Austria, marry”.

Instead of waging war, just marry off a child to another country and take over.

With the Felix line of wines we chose a similarly diplomatic approach to convincing our customers of the autochthonous varieties of Austria: fantastic value and an uncomplicated brand, but certainly not uncomplicated wines. 

The Felix line of wines is produced by the Wellanschitz winery in Mittelburgenland, a well known estate of roughly 40 hectares. The son of the estate, Stefan Wellanschitz, started his own brand and winery Kolfok, a producer we have carried for some time. While the Kolfok wines are truly avant-garde, the wines of his parents' estate are a tad more traditional, but certainly within the same vain of wines with a Burgundian character. Think food wines, with good tannin structure and acidity, wines that live from tension, good fruit and traditional winemaking techniques. Organic farming, old vineyards and fantastic terroir do the rest.