Felix Austria

Felix BLAU Liter

$ 14.90

A new wine for us. This is a wine about family. A wine for weeknight dinners and sipping with friends. Made for us from Stefan Wellanschitz's (of Kolfok fame) family estate. It is Blaufrankisch from 15-45 year old vineyards in Unterpetersdorf in the Neckenmarkter mountains where his Mother is from. The soils are clay and basalt which imparts a wonderful minerality. Everything about it speaks to the tradition and where they are from, from the family vineyards to the used large 1500-3000 liter barrels made by a local cooper from trees in the Waldviertal used vintage after vintage. Only native yeasts are used, no fining and minimal amounts of sulphur. The Felix Blau is a wine we are absolutely delighted to have and enjoy here in the U.S. for the first time.