Hidden Treasures by Moric

Hidden Treasures by Moric HID1 Tokaj 2020

$ 36.50

A collaboration between Roland Velich (MORIC) and Attila Homonna, whose estate is in Hungary's famed Tokaj region and has some of the oldest known Furmint vineyards. Attila began his small 3 hectare winery in 1999. He organically farms some of the best sites of old vine, old clone Furmint and Harslevelu around the villages of Erdobenye and Olasziszka -including some of the oldest Furmint vines in the region. He began making arguably of some of the best dry versions of Furmint of Tokaj. Soon after, his wines came to the attention of Roland Velich of Moric. Roland is one of the most renowned winemakers of Austria, however he embodies the entwined cultural past of Hungary and Austria and the historic boundary shifts of the Hungarian empire. Their aim? A joint project to showcase the indigenous grapes of this ancient winemaking region and to ensure that more people may experience the rare, dry, elegant wines Attila crafts so meticulously. Only native yeasts are used for the spontaneous fermentation in used Stockinger or Hungarian oak barrels and steel tanks. Dry but texturally silky with a spicy backbone of citrus pith and white gumdrop. These are wines for immediate enjoyment but with the potential to last for many years.