Hidden Treasures by Moric

Hidden Treasures by Moric HID3 Balaton 2019

$ 29.50

With his Hidden Treasures projects Roland seeks out "undiscovered" winemakers, drawing international attention to the rebirth of an historic appellation and one winemaker's mastery of the indigenous grapes and terroir of a unique place. Hidden Treasures No. 3 is a collaboration between Roland Velich (MORIC) and Philipp Oser of Villa Tolnay. The number 3 indicates that this is Roland's third partnership in Hungary. Philip Oser originates from Switzerland and started Villa Tolnay on the shores of Lake Balaton in 2004. Here, Oser grows Riesling and Furmint in rich basalt soils. The vineyards stretch up Csobanc hill, the remains of a magnificent volcanic mountain surrounded by the sedimentary deposits of the former Pannonian Sea. The distinct minerality in these soils make the Lake Balaton region a very special place to make wine. The wine undergoes spontaneous/native fermentation partly in used Stockinger barrels or Hungarian oak and partly in stainless steel. The result is a crisp white wine full of tension and subtle complexity. Notes of apple, tropical fruits. Aromatic but completely dry.