Weingut Holzapfel is situated in a former farmstead, established 700 years ago by the Canons of St Pölten, which was updated to the baroque style by Jakob Prandtauer, architect of the famous Stift Melk. At that point in history, most of the vineyards in the Wachau belonged to the Catholic Church and its nearby monasteries; the farmstead was the center for the harvest and fermentation of wine grapes and for the administration of local sales.

Today, the estate consists of some fourteen hectares of land under vines, cultivated and worked with traditional methods. Among their vineyards are outstanding sites like Achlieiten, Vorederseiber, Weitenberg, Klaus and Kollmitz.

Grapes of first-class quality flourish on these stony and mineral-laden soils, which contain in places significant elements of limestone and mica schist. But it's not only the outstanding vineyards and the attention paid to rigorously reduced yields that are responsible for the distinctive nature of the Holzapfel grapes. The climate-conditions specific to this particular part of the Wachau produce extreme variations of temperature between daylight and nighttime, which, together with the various elevations of the vineyards, encourage an acidity which imparts freshness and elegance to the wines.

Karl Holzapfel strives to create clear and fine fruit-driven, characterful and lively wines for daily enjoyment, as well as dry and compact Smaragd wines with complex aromaticity and great cellaring potential.


 After fermentation, the wine remains in extended contact with the fine lees. In this fashion, unmistakable wines with style and clear, delicate fruit are created, which exhibit the best possible balance between minerality and crisp acidity. Through this individual art of vinification, wines develop a special identity and suit a great number of occasions for enjoyment.

Holzapfel's assortment includes wines in all three quality-categories Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd, produced from the grape varieties Grüner Veltliner, Riesling and Weissburgunder. The "Selektion Hippolyt" is particularly impressive for its special creaminess, elegance and finesse, which reflect the special wizardry of the Wachau Valley.