Marie-Lise and Thomas Batardiere

Marie-Lise & Thomas Batardiere Grolleau Amor Fati 2021

$ 36.50

A light and lively carbonic Grolleau Noir from a 0.33 hectare parcel planted in the 1960s on a mix of clay, blue schist, quartz, and eroded schist in Rablay-sur-Layon. The vineyard is named Case Neuve and Thomas Batardiere owns 1 of the vineyards 2 parcels. This is a very small production wine as in addition to Thomas intense certified biodynamic farming, yields are extremely small at only 25 hl per hectare. The whole bunches are hand harvested and put into vats with their stems. Maceration lasts for 4 weeks without any intervention, no pump-over, no punchdown. Complete non-intervention winemaking. There is no filtering or fining and the wine ferments and ages in stainless steel preserving it s fruit driven berry aromatics and freshness. Minimal sulfur at bottling (10-15 mg per liter in total).