Neumeister works roughly 35 hectares of steep hillside vineyards in and around the beautiful and quaint little town of Straden.

The vineyards surrounding the town are dominated by lime-stone deposits from the Tertiary period but also chalk deposits from Alpine run-off that occurred, well, a while back. Mixed with sandy and volcanic soils, this dirt gives rise to wines of great finesse and elegance when a winemaking philosophy such as that of the Neumeister brothers is employed: Christoph and Matthias believe that quality is first determined by clean grape material. Numerous passes in the vineyard are followed by slow and meticulous work on the sorting table. Only gravity gets to handle their grapes and long maceration times are employed to add complexity to their wines.

After fermentation on their native yeasts, the wines get to spend as much time on the fine lees as possible. Klassik wines ferment and age in steel tanks, while the cru wines ferment and age in large, neutral oak casks. Neumeister is lucky to have four cru vineyards, of which two are Premiere Cru STK vineyards, Steintal and Klausen and two are Grand Cru STK vineyards: Moarfeitl and Saziani.

A fifth vineyard that deserves special mention is the Buchberg vineyard, Styria's oldest Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, planted in 1937 and 1967. They are of course a "Stockkultur", where vines grow along a stick and are not planted in rows. At this age, they produce loose clusters with tiny berries and the resulting wines are bottled as the Alte Reben bottling. We are hoping to get a couple of cases into the warehouse. If you are interested, please let us know! (you can leave the email empty, but please don't change the subject line).

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